Alperiz (San Pedro)

The church was built in the middle of the 12th century. The original main door, with round arch over columns has been preserved to our days. On top of the entrance there are projections like brackets that are holding the tympanum without decoration.
The ledge show brackets with geometrics motives, one of these with a human face on it, all around of eaves roof, arrow-hole. Inside there is a triumph arch among other elements.

In 1846 a modification was made, replacing the apse and enlarging the nave. A belfry with a rectangular base and a semicircular arch where the bell is located was also added to the façade. At the top it has a small triangular pediment flanked by scrolls and with a central oculus, on both sides two pinnacles.

Even with these additions, it fully retains the character of Galician rural Romanesque.

42.7100556, -008.0306944
Imagen Alperiz (San Pedro)