Civil Architecture

Past and future converge on Lalín. Medieval bridges of stone like " Ponte Taboada " or  Ponte dos Cabalos" coexist with the modern glass architecture of “Castro Tecnolóxico”. The first astronomic observatory of Galicia is also considered in the scientific vanguard . It was constructed by Don Ramon M ª Aller in 1924, and, nowadays, there are guided visits and activities of sky observation .

As example of industrial architecture, the building of Rodís's paper mill, founded around year 1850 that nowadays is a private housing. In Lalín Municipality there are 30 Mainhouses, constructions most typical of the Galician nobility. Some of them, without its inhabitants, stand the test of time with difficulty, looking to “Pazo de Liñares” that rised like the phoenix and shows all its magnificence to visitors. Others preserve its function of housing, or they turned into rural establishments that receive its privileged guests.

To enjoy popular architecture, it is enought just to walk along rural areas and to admire functional constructions as mills of water, barns, washers or stone structures. All of them  create the soul of our landscape.

Imaxe: Astronomical observatory

Astronomical observatory It is located in the garden of "Lalin´s distinguished son", D. Ramón María Aller house which holds the Municipal Museum by the same name since 1986.

Imaxe: Anzuxao's manor house

Anzuxao's manor house It was founded in the XVI century, although the actual building is from XVIII century. It has typical elements which define these emblematic...

Imaxe: Horse's Bridge

Horse's Bridge It was built in 970, over the Arnego River. This bridge was built of stone and it had two round arches over a plank hold by big slabs. Nowadays, it...

Imaxe: Taboada's Bridge

Taboada's Bridge This stone bridge was part of the way known “The Royal Road”, which connected the cities of Santiago and Ourense. Probably, it has replaced older...

Imaxe: Liñare's manor house

Liñare's manor house This baroque manor house of century XVII was Taboada´s house, one of the most important Galician family.

Imaxe: Bendoiro's manor house

Bendoiro's manor house It was founded in the century XVI. It has suffered lots of modifications, especially during the XIX century to adapt to the new times and make it...

Imaxe: Rodis' Old Paper Factory

Rodis' Old Paper Factory Este edificio situado na parroquia de Rodís é unha grande nave industrial construída en cadeirado de pedra, con teito a dúas augas, e con medio...

Imaxe: Ponte Taboada (nova)

Ponte Taboada (nova) Construída entre 1861 e 1863, substituía á vella ponte do s.X que augas arriba atravesa o río Deza - e que continúa a ser transitada por...