Numerous natural resources of our territory, with abundance of rivers and forests, hunt and fishing, make Deza's region, and our municipality especially, a very favorable land to population settlements since ancient times. Proof of this can be found in traces of our ancestors left as sign of their passing.

Throughout the municipality, numerous megalithic constructions can be found being the most known "Mámoas da Cruz", in Alperiz, for being the only excaveted and for its singularity. Also it is remarkable quantity of hillforts, Iron Age settlement. In the municipality, there are identified more than thirty making Lalin one of the places of Galicia with major concentration of these settlements.

In nearly all parishes we can find some of these settlement that remain as magical places, protagonists of wonderful histories and legends. To know more about the culture of hillfort, we can visit the center “Castrodeza”, the Center of Management of the Archaeological Knowledge in Liñares´ Mainhouse, the excavations of " Castro do Penedo" in Doade, or walk along "Castriño de Bendoiro" that possesses signposting and panels, excavated for “ADIF” on the occasion of the high-speed train passing.

Imaxe: Castro of

Castro of "O Penedo" Castro of "O Penedo" is located in the parish of Doade, two hundred meters from the small village of Codeseda.


"Castriño" of Bendoiro In 2007 and 2008 because of building of high speed train, come archaeological interventions carried out.

Imaxe: Altar of Sun and Alperiz's Tumulus

Altar of Sun and Alperiz's Tumulus They are part of the Megalithic Ensemble of Alperiz and appear in the archaeological catalog of the municipality of Lalín in 1999.