Natural espaces

Certainly speaking about Lalín is speaking about nature. Viewing-points show us fantastic shades of colours. Oakwoods, groves and forests, a fairytale landscape, adorn Lalin municipality.

Magestic trees as “Vilatuxe's oak”  “Espinosa´s oak” or “Bermés´ oak” , the cork oak “Sobreira do Vento", the tree “Árbol do incenso de Rodís”... among many other, rise like historical custodians of the passage of time.

Magic places like "Souto de Quiroga", " Carballeira de Barcia ", " Carballeira do Rodo ", richness of nature as " A Serra do Candán " or " Sobreiral do Arnego " are fantastic places where dream. It is possible to listen to the birds and understand their song, to feel wind moving leaves as a gentle caress, to hear the voice of creeks and waterfalls. Shelterd by nature, you can enjoy cold winter landscape, you can get a faceful of hot sunshine in summer or the perfume of flowers in springtime. How long don´t you feel wonderful peace, freedom and feelings we have described? Here you can get them!

Imaxe: Cork oaks of

Cork oaks of "Arnego" River Zone declared SCI (Site of Community Interest) of 1.124 hectares, shared with the municipalities of “Agolada”, “Vila de Cruces” and “Lalín” where...


"Catasós" Forest Declared Natural Monument, one of seven existing ones in Galicia. This forest of 45.185 square meters of surface, possesses exceptional species of...

Imaxe: Barcia's Oak Grove

Barcia's Oak Grove Oak is the most representative tree of Galicia. Its hard wood was used to build ships and it says that huge oak groves were cut down to build...