Anzo (San Xoán)

This church stands out by abundance and purity of its Romanesque elements of 12th century.

The rectangular apse, dominated by Agnus-Dei, conserves brackets and window with archivolt over rounded columns with capitals with flowers, smooth shafts and basis decorated by claws, with arrow-hole in the center.

There is a lateral door with archivolt, over columns with pyramid shaped capitals decorated with lines which make rhombus, angles and round leaves. The tympanum is decorated with two queue of circles with five spokes.

The walls in the north and south preserve brackets and arrow-hole.

Inside, in the apse, there are two arches, triumphal and reinforcing bow. Both are holding by columns with capitals decorated with big leaves and basis with claws.

Western front of building is modern.

42.7179722, -008.1993611
Imagen Anzo (San Xoán)