Camposancos (San Cristovo)

It is a church made with irregular stones. It has a semicircular apse from the 12th century preceded by a small straight section. It is divided into three parts by two columns that reach a cornice, and have capitals and bases with little decoration. In the central part you can see a unique blinded loophole window, surrounded by an arch formed by five lobes, supported by small columns with capitals of large leaves, shafts and smooth bases. The cornice is decorated with balls and supported by bow-shaped corbels.

Inside, the straight section of the apse is covered with a barrel vault, and the semicircular with an oven vault. It conserves a semicircular triumphal arch supported by columns with capitals decorated with large leaves.

The Baroque belfry incorporated into the Romanesque one stands out on its façade.

42.7548889, -008.1435278
Imagen Camposancos (San Cristovo)