Cangas (Santa Mariña)

The most probable date of construction of the church would be 1179, according to the inscription that can be seen on the western door, read by Bango Torvisco as ERA: M P C : X V II Era thousandth (?) hundredth seventeenthNot being able to be the P deciphered in a coherent way.

Said western door has a smooth archivolt that rests on two columns with buried bases. It houses the tympanum, in one piece making a lintel and with two lobes at the bottom, on which is the aforementioned inscription. The upper part of the tympanum is decorated with four small arches and in the center there is an eight-petaled flower with a central button. It also preserves from the Romanesque period the walls with their cornices and various corbels.

Both the apse and the upper part of the façade are from the Baroque period.

The Romanesque capitals of the triumphal arch are preserved in the Pontevedra museum.

Tradition has it that this church has Templar ties, a tradition that is repeated in several temples in the same area such as the church of Bermés.

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Imagen Cangas (Santa Mariña)