Donsión (Santa Baia)

Its original church was replaced in the 18th century by the current baroque-style temple. Ordered to be built in 1731, by Cayetano Gil Taboada, fulfilling the testamentary mandate of his uncle Felipe Antonio Gil Taboada, born in the Pazo de Bergazos, royal governor with Felipe V, as well as Bishop of Osma and Archbishop of Seville.

The execution of the temple was in charge of masters of the Baroque Compostela. The bell tower is divided into two floors, the lower square and the upper octagonal finished in a dome.

Inside, there is a beautiful altarpiece made by the carver of Chapa, Silvestre Colmeiro, and the burials of the Gil Taboada family, with their weapons, which also appear in other tombs close to the walls of the church.

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Imagen Donsión (Santa Baia)