Losón (Santa Baia)

The actual church was founded in the middle of XII century. From its Romanesque building conserves the apse, one of the most beautiful of the region, with pentagonal shape with columns leaned on angles and windows with archivolt over columns with central arrow-hole.
The archivolt of lateral windows is formed by six little arch, and the central archivolt is smooth. It is over columns with decorated capitals. Inside, the triumphal arch is over columns with capitals with flowers and basis decorated by claws.

Inside, there are mural paintings.

Inside, there are graves of the Brenzos house, including Vasco Taboada´s grave, dead in 1643, with praying statue and stone coat of arms. Besides, in there there are some graves of the Liñares house, including the grave of spoiled aviator Joaquín Loriga Taboada dead in 1927.

Near there is the famous sanctuary of “Nosa Señora do Corpiño”.

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Imagen Losón (Santa Baia)