Palio (Santa Baia)

This is a pro-Romanesque church with pre-Romanesque elements of the XI century. Although some elements can be older than year 1000 because of it is the oldest church in Deza´s region.

It has floor of one nave and rectangular apse with a ram in the tip. Western front of building is simple, without archivolt and with pointed tympanum. The top of the nave was rebuilt losing the brackets of the old ledge, but not in the apse. Sacristy and bell gable were added in Modern times. Its building describes an example of rural Romanic temple.

Inside, there are a triumphal rounded and polychromatic arch over two capitals decorated by vegetables and with each human sculpture in the center.

To stop the advanced state of deterioration that it presented, in 2016 some restoration work began that allowed the discovery of several mural paintings, among which a Pantocrator stands out.

42.7575278, -008.1072778
Imagen Palio (Santa Baia)