Palmou (San Xoán)

Although this church was very reformed, it conserves some elements of its Romanic building of end of 12th century. The ledge is over brackets decorated of different figures like felines, rabbits, monsters, a couple of old people, a musician playing the viola…

There are a lateral door with archivolt over columns with smooth and monolithic shaft and capitals decorated one of them by two lions and the other by leaves.

The temple has a tympanum covering the principal door with high relief scene about Sansón and the lion fight. This tympanum disappeared long time ago and them was discovered in a Milan´s auction. Pontevedra´s Council bought it and now it stays on the Pontevedra´s Museum.
There are a copy made for the Pontevedra´s Quarry Workers School, in the Lalin City Hall.

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Imagen Palmou (San Xoán)