Prado (San Martiño)

In this church we can observe the evolution of a small Galician rural temple.

Despite its current modern appearance, it preserves vestiges of its pre-Romanesque origin on its walls. In the 12th century its structure was adapted to the Romanesque fashion, conserving from this period several metopes with rosettes and remains of corbels. These corbels were possibly chopped in a new reform at the end of the 18th century that eliminated the apse and gave the construction more space. Later, due to a lightning strike in 1880, it was necessary to reform the main façade. Some of the Romanesque pieces on the façade were taken to the Pazo de Liñares, with the intention of reusing them in its chapel. At the entrance to the main hall of this same manor, you can see a wall painting that probably shows the appearance of the portal before its destruction.

As a curiosity, in 2007, lightning once again collapsed part of the bell tower and the roof of the church.

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Imagen Prado (San Martiño)