Soutolongo (Santa María)

In this church we find an interesting variety of architectural styles. The façade is striking, in which the year 1798 is recorded as the date of construction, ending in an imposing bell tower from the mid-19th century. But we can observe Gothic elements, very scarce in Galicia, and even Romanesque.

Inside, you can see ribbed vaults and ogee arches that place the church in late Gothic. The references to the Order of Malta – of which Soutolongo was a Priory – both in sculpture and painting, are constant. This church treasures mural paintings dated between 1567 and 1589. Another exceptional element is the stone tabernacle, discovered along with some of the paintings when the Baroque altarpiece was removed for restoration. Several archosolia with recumbent statues from the 15th century complete a very rich and varied ensemble.

Near the church are the Pazo de Des and the Pazo de Infanzóns, both private property.

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Imagen Soutolongo (Santa María)