Losón (Our Lady of O Corpiño Sanctuary)

This neoclassical church was built in the XVIII century at the same place that the old Apariciones chapel. This curious building seems to have two fronts of building.

The sacristy, the principal chapel and the Virgin safe-keeping room were built in 1746, the dome in 1768 and lateral chapels in 1790. The rear facade was built in 1867 and the atrium was ended in 1900. It has columns in the corners and a big ledge over two towers. The bell gable is double body, square down and octagonal up with a dome over there.

The dome paintings and the retable of principal altar, made in 1857, were restored in 2017 because they were damages for smoke candles and wrong use.

It is one of the oldest Marian sanctuary and the most busy at inland Galicia. It is visited for thousands of devoted all year long. It was famous to cure madness, spiritual illness and bewitchments. Besides it was scene to exorcisms. It is specially busy in pilgrimage days celebrated 23th and 24th June and in named “Corpiño de Inverno” or “Corpiño Pequeno”, the 25th March.

Outside, visitors can buy religious souvenirs, traditional products like donuts or enjoy the gastronomy on the near restaurants. Typical food is tripe.

The parish church of Santa Baia of Losón, with an interesting, pentagonal and Romanic apse is near. There, the famous aviator Loriga is buried.

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Imagen Losón (Our Lady of O Corpiño Sanctuary)