Mouriscade recreational area

Situated in the parish of Vilanova and 7 kilometres from Lalín's urban area. Next to the river “Asneiro” which water, in times, was taking for the mill that is preserved here nowadays. It is the perfect place to spend a day with family or with friends. There is a gridiron, tables and benches made of stone where it is possible to enjoy a meal.

It is the start of 2 trails:

•    Doade's trail which is circular and it passes throught the village of Doade (in 9 Km.), hopscotch of " O Penedo " (that is in the process of excavation), the viewing-point of “Xestoso” mount or the Village of “Muiño”. In “Doade” we can visit the Ethnographic Museum “Casa do Patrón”.

•    The lineal one that passes through “hight Deza” landscapes (Museum of Landscape) that goes by part of the previous path, even by Candán mountain, passing through different places like “Lebozán”, “As Liñeiras”, “Chedas”, “Zobra” or “A Trigueira” (in the old days, in this village, there was an important mining exploitation of tin). Along the way, we can find informative panels about the landscapes of this area.

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Imagen Mouriscade recreational area