Fluvial beach "Pozo do boi"

It is in Vilatuxe parish, 12 kilometres of Lalin urban center. The access to the beach is from PO-534 road.
In the summer, you can enjoy nice oak grove shadow, lie down the sun in the riverbank, swim in crystalline water of Deza River, one of the most known of the region. Many people attribute its name to this river.
The rest of the year, peaceful transform the area in a place to visit for lovers to simple nature, who enjoy with birds cheep and river murmur, or sitting under a tree to read a book,...
Furthermore, visitors can enjoy two riverbanks, sunbathe or stay under oak shadow where there are stone tables and benches to have a snack.
There are bar and bathroom services in July and August.

42.6163333, -008.2085278
Imagen Fluvial beach