At museums important thing is in, though packaging can develop our imagination trying to anticipate what is inside. A Mainhouse of the 18th century restored in an exquisitive way, a village where the container and the contents are combinated, scientific genius housing, a pioneering building or just inadulterated nature, make Lalin ´s museums fascinating places.

The “Museo do Xoguete e a Marioneta” (Toy and Puppet Museum) you will get closer to these wonderful worlds. You will learn about its evolution through pieces from different eras, in the case of toys, and in the case of puppets, its influence on cultures around the world through pieces that will make you travel through different continents.

In the ethnographic museum " Casa do Patrón" you can see how the life was in rural areas through everyday objects, you can discover a school of beginning of last century, or see how the rooms of our ancestors´ housing were.

In municipal museum “Ramon M ª Aller” there are objects related to life of this important person and to his contribution to the astronomy. In this museum you can also know the work of one of the most recognized Galician painters, Jose Otero Abeledo, better known as "Laxeiro". It is possible to enjoy temporary exhibitions of art that occurs regularly in the museum.

Deza's region hillforts, its legends and its relationship with gastronomy gain significance in "Castrodeza", interpretation centre of Deza´s hillforts.

Finally, “Museo da Paisaxe” (Museum of Landscape), where exposed material are mountains, meadows, rivers, housings and farms ... and everything to natural size!

Ramón Mª Aller Ulloa Municipal Museum

This house of ends of the 19th century was the residence of the astronomer Ramon M ª Aller Ulloa who was born in Filgueiroa Mainhouse (Lalín) in 1878. There, at the beginning of the 20th century, it is possible to say that he began the astronomic investigation in Galicia. At house´s gallery, Ramon Aller did first observations of Mercury, the Sun, eclipses, double stars or aspects of planets. After this, he built two wooden stands in garden (1912-1917) to work about these tasks. In the year 1923 he did plans of a new construction with dome, which was inaugurated in the following year, creating by this way the first astronomic observatory of Galicia.

The house was acquired by town hall for being the Illustrious Children Museum of Lalín that was inaugurated in 1989.

In the ground floor of the building we find, permanently, illustrious Mr. Ramon M ª Aller´s office. This room, once in the past, was a court that was surrounding the house, nowadays, with the attached space, it receives temporary exhibitions of art.

The first plant is dedicated to the painter and illustrious “Jose Otero Abeledo Laxeiro”, where we can permanently contemplate several works of him. He was one of the biggest artists innovators of Galician historic avant-garde.

Outdoor, we find mentioned above astronomic observatory.

Museum possess a wide programming of cultural events, as one of the most important, “Laxeiro Painter Biennial Art” that is celebrated since the year 1993.

Monday to Friday: 09:00 to 14:00, 18:00 to 20:00
Holidays: Closed
"For free". Groups with previous reservation.
Street Ramón Aller, 9 - 36500 Lalín
986 784 004
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42.6612500, -008.1133333
Imagen Ramón Mª Aller Ulloa Municipal Museum