At museums important thing is in, though packaging can develop our imagination trying to anticipate what is inside. A Mainhouse of the 18th century restored in an exquisitive way, a village where the container and the contents are combinated, scientific genius housing, a pioneering building or just inadulterated nature, make Lalin ´s museums fascinating places.

The “Museo do Xoguete e a Marioneta” (Toy and Puppet Museum) you will get closer to these wonderful worlds. You will learn about its evolution through pieces from different eras, in the case of toys, and in the case of puppets, its influence on cultures around the world through pieces that will make you travel through different continents.

In the ethnographic museum " Casa do Patrón" you can see how the life was in rural areas through everyday objects, you can discover a school of beginning of last century, or see how the rooms of our ancestors´ housing were.

In municipal museum “Ramon M ª Aller” there are objects related to life of this important person and to his contribution to the astronomy. In this museum you can also know the work of one of the most recognized Galician painters, Jose Otero Abeledo, better known as "Laxeiro". It is possible to enjoy temporary exhibitions of art that occurs regularly in the museum.

Deza's region hillforts, its legends and its relationship with gastronomy gain significance in "Castrodeza", interpretation centre of Deza´s hillforts.

Finally, “Museo da Paisaxe” (Museum of Landscape), where exposed material are mountains, meadows, rivers, housings and farms ... and everything to natural size!

Liñares´s Manor House

This baroque manor house of century XVII was Taboada´s house, one of the most important Galician family.

It was occupied until the beginning of 20th century, but the season of greatest glory was on 19th century, when prominent people spent seasons in it. The manor house was introduced in the literature by Ramón Cabanillas, Otero Pedrayo and Emilia Pardo Bazán. Here, Joaquín Loriga Taboada was born and baptized.

The last Taboada had to leave the manor house and moving Santiago on 1920. From here properties were changed until construction was become deteriorated. Lalin council bought it to save it and preserve it as a local historic reference, on 2002. It was declared BIC (Cultural Interest Property), like historic monument, on 2009. The renovation works began in collaboration of Development Ministry, Culture Counsel and Pontevedra´s Deputation, on 2011. Manor house official inauguration for public enjoyment had made on 2014, like a great hub for culture and architectural reference of Deza´s region.

The manor house make up of principal building and two added, on the one hand, the chapel and the workshop, on the other hand, the oven and the shed; with the stone wall around.
On the principal building, balcony behind of building, the kitchen inside and Churruchaos, López de Lemos and Taboada´s coat of arms in front of building stand out for its beauty.

It harbours the Archaeological Knowledge Management Center, linked to Pontevedra´s Provincial Museum, which count with exposition area for discoveries and treatment and cataloguing laboratory.

The Toy and Puppet Museum occupies several rooms with a exhibition of thousands toys from different periods, puppets from different countries, cabezudos and a small tribute to José Silvent "Barriga Verde" who maked tours around Galicia with his shows in the las century.

Loriga´s Area is a place which is dedicated to the memory of Joaquín Loriga Taboada, Lalin´s distinguished son, born in this manor house and great reference to Spanish aviation. One of the most important landmark of his career is the Madrid-Manila raid on 1926 with Esteve and Gallarza. All make up the Elcano Patrol.

Furthermore there are multifunctional areas like the old noble living room, where are standing out the restored paintings and the coats of arms on the ceiling and where are celebrated different cultural events like musical shows, theatre, conference, temporal exhibition, ...

Tuesday to Saturday: 11:00 to 14:00, 17:00 to 20:00
"For free", Groups with previous reservation
Liñares, s/n , Prado - 36512 Lalín
986 181 423
42.6800278, -008.1916667
Imagen Liñares´s Manor House